Derwent Water’s lakeside town pulls crowds from afar with breathtaking scenery, unique shops, impressive theatre, and concerts throughout the year. High visitor expectations can easily be met with our fine quality, farm fresh ice cream and non-dairy sorbets.

We have run the same farm since 1948, and our venture into diversification has led to our success with ice cream over the last three decades. Produced on the farm using milk from our own small dairy herd, our ice cream factory remains a homegrown operation with a cow to cone experience for the many customers of our Pudding House ice cream parlour.

Your Keswick business can also enjoy a highly popular and profitable product with our wholesale ice cream, offering great margins and a product that visitors will seek out again!

Our 20 Fabulous Flavours will intrigue and delight with flavours such as Lemon Meringue, Butter Toffee, and Apple Pie. All made only with high quality ingredients, flavours such as Rhubarb & Custard feature portions of rhubarb in custard ice cream, Turkish Delight is a rose ice cream veined with our own milk chocolate, and our mint chocolate chip is a naturally white, mint ice cream with generous quantities of dark chocolate chips!

The full 20 Fabulous Flavours list can be viewed here.

Ordering Wallings Wholesale Ice Cream is as easy as sending us an email or using our dedicated telephone order answering service, which can be done at any time of day. Deliveries to Keswick and The Lakes occur on a set day each week, and our ice cream arrives at your door in our freezer vehicles, directly from the farm.

Easy scoop, 4.75 litre Napoli containers and 1 litre retail tubs can be ordered in any of our wholesale flavours, while specific flavours are available in both 4 litre and 125 litre tubs.

Express your interest in our wholesale ice cream by contacting our Sales Team today either by telephone, 01524 792162, or by using our online contact form here.