Restaurants, cafés, theatres, gift shops, and visitor attractions are amongst our many wholesale ice cream customers in the North West and West Yorkshire.

We operate a set weekly delivery day for each region and ensure our fresh product reaches you in perfect condition using our own freezer vans. Our dedicated ordering service can be accessed at any time, seven days a week, and for added convenience you can place your orders using either telephone or e-mail.

Three decades producing and retailing our own ice cream means that we know what sort of equipment you will need to have success with ice cream and we can help you to source good refrigeration and temperature controlled display cases.

Our 4.75 litre, oblong Napoli containers make the business of efficient ice cream scooping an easy task, and limiting the volume of the container size helps the ice cream to retain its smooth texture for every scoop, even in busy ice cream parlours and kitchens where freezer cabinets might be frequently exposed to room temperature air and the risk of refreezing.

If you would like some assistance in choosing from our range of over 40 flavours we can advise you on popular combinations and our full list 40 Fabulous Flavours list can be downloaded here.

A convenient service with dependable returns for your business, our quality wholesale ice cream earns appealing profits and repeat custom for businesses across the Northwest. If you are interested in retailing any of our delicious ice cream flavours we would be happy to speak with you!