A challenging hike up the high Pennine fells to view the unusual Singing Ringing Tree is well rewarded when you reach the sculpture itself, a strangely beautiful structure of scaffolding pipes, musically tuned to hum gently in the breezes. And with all of the rambles and cycling excursions that draw visitors to the Burnley area, a good outdoor excursion is best followed by a good meal, and what better dessert than a delicious local ice cream?

Produced on our coastal Cockerham farm since 1984, our wonderful ice cream flavours are created using only high quality ingredients, including the milk from our own small dairy herd. From our dairy to our ice cream factory, Wallings ice cream is produced entirely onsite for a true “cow to cone” experience.

Also onsite, the ice cream parlour at the Pudding House attracts queues of eager customers throughout all seasons, due to the popularity of our 20 Fabulous Ice Creams and non-dairy sorbets. Great margins on this quality local product could make our ice cream a valuable addition to your menu boards or retail lists, and we supply many happy wholesale customers throughout the North West.

Banoffee, Saucy Cappuccino, and Raspberry Swirl are among our many tempting wholesale flavours, all of which are available in 4.75 litre easy-scoop Napoli containers and our 1 litre retail tubs. Certain flavours are also available to order in 4 litre or 125 ml tubs, and you can download a full list of our 20 Fabulous Flavours here.

Our freezer vans make deliveries to the Burnley area on an allocated day each week, with all ice cream orders arriving at your door straight from our Cockerham farm. Wholesale account holders can easily place orders with us using a dedicated telephone answering service or by sending the order details to us by email.

For more information on our excellent local ice cream and the great returns your business can enjoy, you can arrange to speak with our Sales Team either by calling 01524 792162 or by completing our online Contact Form here.